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Hi, I'm Jen!

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I'm a Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist and work exclusively with mums, helping them heal after birth from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Diastasis Recti and other common postpartum problems.


I'm passionate about helping women ease back into exercise, and educating women on how to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy and after having a baby.

Learn more about me here.

YOU DESERVE you time

Motherhood trains us to put our babies needs first, it's an instinct designed to ensure our babies survive but doesn't help us thrive as healthy women. You deserve and need 'you time'.  

a course that works around you

By replicating the experience you'd get with a Personal Trainer, I've made the course completely customisable so you can work out at the right level for you.


I know that motherhood can make the simple things in life feel impossible to achieve. I've made each workout 10-12 minutes long, with minimal or no equipment and suited to doing at home: meaning even motherhood can't stop you now!

no bullshit

I'm all about telling it to you straight. If you're fed up with the rubbish that's on most mummy blogs, this is the place for you.


Most women focus on the wrong things - “feeling the burn” in their abs, jumping around getting all sweaty, using “light weights to tone” cutting carbs.


There is also a lot of fear-mongering around exercise with Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and during pregnancy. My online programme will dispel all these harmful fitness myths keeping you from your goals and teach you what you actually need to do to heal and get results.


I'm fully qualified to advise on Pre and Post Natal Physical training. You can see more about my qualifications here.


Most trainers and online programmes just take you through "blind" workouts... you follow along, but have no idea what you're doing or why you're doing it. 

I do things differently, both in 1-2-1 sessions and in my online Complete Postpartum Programme, I focus on teaching you the fundamentals of recovery and fitness so that you understand what is happening in your body and how to get results. 



We all need to be kept accountable.

We have an awesome Facebook group to keep you on track, and where you can ask Jen anything about the programme.

Yael's Review
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After pregnancy number three I was looking for a way to reconnect with my body. It was very important for me to find someone who specialized in post partum training as I wanted to strengthen my body from inside and not inadvertently cause more harm. Jen's approach is both conservative and ambitious simultaneously.

Nikki's Review

Jen is a winning combination of knowledge, motivation and empathy... I feel I have found someone with a unique understanding of the jaw dropping transformation my body had just been through but more importantly someone I could trust. She inspires me! Jen's workouts make me feel happy and give me the energy I need.

"I have never stuck with any trainer or fitness program as long as I stuck with Jen and I can’t wait to start training with her again. Her no-judgement, totally understanding and knowledge based attitude has been invaluable and I haven’t been so in shape and felt so physically strong in years"


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