SHAPE SHIFTER_._This has been my mantra


Does this sound like you...?

This is the part of your life that you can’t figure out. You are well educated, intelligent, independent - you've got your shit sorted, but you don't understand exercise and nutrition. You've always been a bit overweight even though you eat incredibly healthily, and you've always hated your body. You've always had an erratic relationship with food. It all seems like a mystery and you need help figuring it all out. You need someone to help change your mindset and overall relationship with food and exercise. You've tried lots of things in the past, but it always involves just following a meal plan and doing workout videos. No-one has ever explained to you how it all works. How you can do it yourself. How you can build strategies that work for you. How there isn’t ONE right way.

You might be a bit confused about nutrition, weight loss and fitness and how it all fits together. There's so much conflicting information, you don't know who to trust. It feels like you can't eat anything because everything is bad for you. You want to learn more fact from fiction.

You've had personal trainers, but they just take you through a random programme for an hour, make you sweat and run around like a headless chicken.  You're sore the next day. You “feel like” you “got a good workout” and even though having a PT is motivating - you work hard and focus while they are there, it’s not sustainable. You can’t pay for that privilege every time, for the rest of your life. You need to know how to do it yourself. You want to know how to eat and build your own programme. You want to know what trainers know (or what GOOD trainers know).

You've done all the diets, some of them have worked, some haven’t. Nothing has worked long term. You're fed up of the cycle of getting really, really fed up with your body, making huge changes, overhauling everything, keeping it all going for a week or two, or maybe 3, losing a few kilos, then crashing, giving up and ending up back at square one.

You need help with the mindset stuff.  What are you missing? You want to deconstruct diet and nutrition.

You need accountability. Someone to report to. You also need someone to tell you what to do and break down the process for you.


... in a flexible approach to dieting 

... that strength training is incredibly powerful in helping you reach your health and aesthetic goals.

... that a GOOD programme that you will do is far superior to the PERFECT programme that you won't do

... that making a change is difficult, but not as impossible as it seems.

... that there is no ONE approach that suits everyone. We need to find strategies that suit you.

I believe it has to be sustainable and enjoyable and that you have to understand the process. Otherwise you'll end up right back where you started.


I DON'T BELIEVE in fad diets, crashes, wraps or supplements. In working out 6 times a week. In juice cleanses or fasts. In clean eating. In nutrient timing. 

None of that is sustainable

I offer distance coaching to help you reach your goals. We meet on Skype or over the phone once a week - once a month to address a topic around diet / exercise, set realistic goals for the week ahead and review last week's goals. 

My goal is for you to FIRE ME. In order to do that, I need to arm you with the information you need to do it by yourself, so that you won't need me... or anyone else. 

You can send me questions and queries via WhatsApp throughout the week, including videos for me to check your form in the gym.

We work together to build you a programme you can successfully do

If you are interested in distance coaching, get in touch via the form below.