Already know you want to book an appointment? Get in touch at - options are available in my studio in Moshav Rinnatya and online.

Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, and so is every postpartum journey... therefore every training program MUST be personalized to your specific needs.

Whether you want a one-off appointment, regular personal training or remote coaching, we always start with an initial consultation.

​The initial consultation lasts 1 hour 15 minutes.


In a typical session you can expect us to talk about your history, concerns and goals for the first 15 minutes.  We then move on to a physical assessment, including:

  • Assessment for diastasis (if you are postpartum) and a functional core assessment,

  • Breathing, posture and mobility assessment.  We will then work on any issues that arise.  

The remainder of the session varies depending on your goals and how you want to train.  It really is about adapting it to you and your needs as well as making it fit into your life. (You can have the most amazing programme in the world, but there's no point if you won't, or can't, actually DO it)

If you want to train on your own at home or in a different gym and touch base with me on an irregular basis (i.e. once a month or once every 3 months) or just want a one-off session, we will do the following:

  • Cover core and/or strength exercises that suit your current level, which we record on your phone (so you won't forget!). 

  • I write out a personalized programme for you to follow using a workout tracker like this​ and give you clear instructions on how to progress. 

  • We include exercises using equipment at your gym (if that's where you want to train).

  • I advise on equipment you should buy if you want to workout at home.

If you want to do personal training once a week, this will be a regular training session, or a combination of these elements. Some people like to have "homework" which we will set together.

Price: 320 NIS / $90 / £75

Every subsequent 15 minutes: 40 NIS

Some women wish to book a longer session, or as we come up to time want to continue as they have more questions or want to get more crammed into a single session.  

N.B. If you have Maccabi Sheli you can get full reimbursement for up to 400 shekels as long as you claim within 6 months of giving birth (and don't use it on a lactation consultant first!) You can find out more about this on their website.

Clalit Platinum offers something similar, reimbursing 75% of the cost of the session.

If you are interested in booking an Initial Consultation at my studio in Moshav Rinnatya or online, please send an email to - please tell me about your goals and obstacles.

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