I really don't believe there is a miracle cure - one pill, one movement. I believe in a holistic approach - that everything is connected. Proper breathing mechanics and correct alignment come first, then movement, and ONLY THEN exercise, the foundation of which is strength training and corrective exercises (you can read more about this in My Approach)


It's not a "get your body back quick" method. We all want to look good, there's nothing wrong with that, and I want to help you to do that, but health and restoring function should be the first priorities. Besides, a body that doesn't function well rarely looks good.

Let's take the conversation away from burning off the baby weight, and let's get you moving and feeling great and feeling strong and addressing any pelvic floor and core dysfunctions you are experiencing (diastasis, pelvic floor issues, pain)

One of my trainees once described my classes as "both conservative and ambitious simultaneously." I love this description, as it truly reflects what I aim to do. I push you, but only when it is safe to do so.


I am one of the only pre- and post-natal fitness specialists who know how to effectively use strength training to get results and one of the only strength coaches who know how to work with pelvic floor issues and DR.

Most trainers that focus on pre- and post-natal exercise completely ignore strength training, and usually think it'd dangerous.  They don't know how to scale it and adapt it to the individual.

Likewise, most trainers that focus on strength training, weight training or resistance training have no understanding of the implications to the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.  They aim for as heavy as possible, as intense as possible, without thought to how the core is coping with these demands.

The two are not totally different worlds, rather two ends of the same spectrum. You fall somewhere on that spectrum - everyone does - and to get results safely, we need to find your place there, and then get you progressing along it.


This is also a time of life where your whole world is changing.  In particular for first-time mums, their bodies have gone through some drastic changes and they may not recognize themselves anymore.  You may be finding it hard to come to terms with your new body, and feel out of touch with it.  It can be hard for some women to adapt to pregnancy and then suddenly not carrying a baby anymore and the way pregnancy and childbirth may have impacted their bodies and minds.  

And then of course you are dealing with a new identity. You are now a mum, responsible for a new life.  Pre- and postnatal fitness needs to take these things into account.

You may also not be sleeping well, or finding time to eat properly.  All these things play a part in your ability and motivation to exercise, ability to recover and stress levels, and we must not underestimate their impact on your life.


Most of all it’s about function first – healing any issues, and building a solid base for you to cope with the demands of pregnancy and motherhood (physical and otherwise!) and for the years to come.  

This is my philosophy - the beliefs that drive how I train women before and after pregnancy.  You can read more about my approach here - this is the technical stuff, the nuts and bolts and the tools I use to build an effective and safe training program.