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There are many types of pelvic floor problems

From occasional incontinence to prolapse to a simple feeling that "it just doesn't feel the same".  Rare is the woman who experiences no pelvic floor issues whatsoever after birth!

Pelvic Floor Physiotheraphy

I work closely with pelvic floor physio Liron Murphy at Momentum Physiotherapy to address issues like these.  This isn't something that should be dealt with solely through training, or only by a trainer.  It's important to see a physiotherapist, as they are qualified to do an internal assessment and treatment directly to these muscles.

So what do I do?

After suffering from pelvic floor issues, many women are somewhat scared of starting up exercise again and unsure of what to do.  Many have had a break from exercise and have lost confidence in their bodies, especially with pelvic organ prolapse.

After seeing Liron, you may want to ease back into training in a way that you can be sure will not only not cause damage or make things worse, but actually help continue to rectify the issues.  I can help you to understand how you can start exercise while still healing and in a way that will assist that healing process.

I employ a multidisciplinary approach, involving:

Addressing breathing mechanics and managing pressure

Addressing mobility issues

Identifying muscular imbalances

Learning correct technique

Applying progressive overload to improve gradually overtime, in a way that is in tune with your body

Tag team

Liron relays information to me (with your permission) to ensure that we are making good clinical choices and progressing at the right pace.

She also approves any big jumps in training, like adding impact or increasing weight.

We get great results and I personally really enjoy this aspect of my work.  It's amazing to see women grow and regain confidence after having challenging pelvic floor issues.

Read the testimonials below from women that have worked with us in this way and got great results!

The ladies below all came to us with prolapse and have been working with us to get back into regular training that supports their postpartum bodies.

“After I gave birth to my second child, I was left with diastasis recti and severe back problems. As a result I turned to several physiotherapists and in the end gave up, as nothing really worked. I decided to approach Jen, as she specializes in postpartum issues. I am so happy I did. In contrast to physiotherapists, who gave me a diagnosis and exercises, she had a more holistic approach, looking at not only the area where it hurt and the diastasis, but also at how the lack of hip stability, and flexibility and asymmetry might have affected my back issues. She started a varied and fun training program tackling all of these areas, constantly studying the way my body moves and compensates and accordingly adjusting the program. In addition, she referred me to Liron Murphy,  an amazing physiotherapist who she works with closely. Their interdisciplinary collaboration was extremely effective, they would discuss their observations, and that way Jen would build a tailor made training program. The gap of my diastasis has been diminished significantly, I barely have any back problems anymore and I have learnt to move (biking, lifting kids, etc) and breath in a better way. Thank you so much Jen and Liron, for your never ending enthusiasm, interest and support!”

“I started training with Liron Murphy because I had a very weak pelvic floor after giving birth to my second child. After a few weeks - and noticeable improvement - Liron “graduated” me from her training and recommended I continue with Jen Curtis. Jen and I are now focusing on strengthening the entire body to further support the pelvic floor and also improve my weak core. This “two-step program” has ensured that the training does not do any harm and instead rehabilitates. I already feel much stronger and more like my old self.”

“After giving birth, I was taken by surprise by the impact that giving birth had on my body, specifically my vagina. I was given no guidance whatsoever on what had changed and what I needed to change in order to take care of my postpartum body. A few months after giving birth, after putting way to much strain on my body, I noticed something was wrong. However, I felt embarrassed to discuss it and my gynecologist wasn’t helpful at all. Luckily, a friend referred me to Liron. She checked me and diagnosed me with stage 2 prolapse. She gave me exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor and recommended me to start strengthening my body with Jen. This was an amazing combination and from feeling devastated and depressed, I started to feel stronger and more optimistic. Liron was working with me specifically on strengthening my pelvic floor and Jen was teaching me how to get back to being strong and active without putting strain on my pelvic floor. It has now been 6 months and I am symptom free almost all the time. I highly recommend anyone experiencing pelvic floor issues, specifically prolapse, to seek the excellent guidance and care of these two amazing professionals.”