This Complete Postpartum Programme is going to take you on a journey. Starting with basic, gentle exercises to connect to the core and pelvic floor, you progress through the levels at your own pace. Jen is with you each step of the way, ensuring that you know what to focus on and what to avoid as you continue to heal.


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Unlike most online programmes, the Complete Postpartum Programme IS NOT simply a series of follow-along workouts with random exercises that build up a sweat.


In the current version of the CPP, Jen teaches you how to assess your body with the tools she uses in 1-on-1 assessments.


On this programme, we don't just want you to follow along blindly, but UNDERSTAND and LEARN. Make use of the Educational Bit to learn about the changes in your body and help you understand what really matters when working towards your fitness goals.


You then begin working on the foundational modules that include Core, Mobility and Strength. Each module contain 5 levels and are carefully programmed to suit your needs at different stages in your postpartum journey, build a solid foundation so that you actually improve measurably, get stronger and feel better over time.


Pregnancy and birth are tough on our bodies, and this course takes you along a systematic path, not JUST to fitness, but to healing, health, recovery and wellness.

It also has intermediate and advanced levels to take you beyond the basics for when you feel your body has recovered from birth.


Most women focus on completely the wrong things - “feeling the burn” in their abs, jumping around getting all sweaty, using “light weights to tone” - this course is going to dispel all these harmful fitness myths keeping you from your goals and teaching you what you actually need to do.


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Complete Postpartum Programme