Can't get to my studio in Rinnatya? Not a problem!


I offer Skype consults and remote coaching/strength programming.

There are very few trainers around the world who truly know how to work with pre- and post-natal women.  There is a severe lack of understanding and knowledge in the industry.

I work with women around the world to help them heal their diastasis, understand and overcome pelvic floor issues, and train safely during and after pregnancy.

How can this work online?

It really can work quite well. We can video chat and keep in touch via WhatsApp. These are how it might look for different goals:

Fat loss coaching

If you want to lose weight, this format works really well. We set up weekly or fortnightly sessions, discuss problems you are encountering, come up with solutions and set behaviour-based goals for the week ahead.

Strength training

Although I am not there to see your technique, we can discuss what a good training programme looks like, I can demonstrate and with some exercises check your form over video chat. I can also send you tutorials and you send me videos of you performing the movements for me to check your technique.

This works particularly well if you have some experience exercising.

If you are a complete beginner, you should first of all join my online programme as this will take you through all the basics.

If you HAVEN'T done this programme, you should consider doing this BEFORE starting remote coaching with me (it's a LOT cheaper and you'll learn so much).

Diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction

As with a regular training programmes, I am not there to palpate the muscles and see what's going on, but there is a lot we can do through video chat. I can advise you how to build a training programme to strengthen your core, or works around pelvic floor concerns.

Again - you should start with my online programme - it will take you through an assessment, and show you exactly how to train to overcome these issues.

Are you a trainer?

If you are a trainer anywhere in the world and are concerned that you don't know how to safely and effectively train your pregnant and postpartum clients, I mentor fitness professionals just like you, giving them the tools and resources they need to understand more about their clients' needs.  

Contact me to set up an initial Skype consultation or to find out more about my courses for trainers in Israel

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