If you're thinking of getting pregnant and you want to know how to get fit, or keep fit throughout, if you'd prefer to be prepared for what's to come, then you've come to the right place!


  • NOW is the best time to start thinking about how you may need to modify your fitness routine during pregnancy

  • NOW is the time to learn about things that can go wrong, like abdominal separation and pelvic floor issues, and how the wrong training programme can make these more likely or worse.

  • NOW is the time to address postural issues, faulty breathing mechanics and any aches and pains - they are a lot harder to fix once you're pregnant!

  • NOW is the time to get really STRONG - it will help you cope with the physical demands of pregnancy and then motherhood.

  • Most mothers complain of being weak before anything else

  • During pregnancy you most likely will lose strength and muscle mass, and there's a lot you can do now to mitigate that.

  • Despite what you may believe (or hope), there WILL be some limitations to how you train during pregnancy - but you are not pregnant yet, you can do EVERYTHING - so NOW is the best time to get FIT and STRONG.

More and more women are coming to me before pregnancy looking for this advice and guidance.

Together we build a sensible, safe and doable strength training programme.  

I will teach you the principles and guidelines so that you understand what you can and can't do - this will help you transition smoothly into pregnancy, as once you have those basics down, it is simply a question of making adjustments as the pregnancy progresses.


Get in touch if you would like to know more about training or courses, would like to book an initial consultation, or learn more about the trainers' courses that run throughout the country.

Please tell me as much as you can about yourself in the message

  • How long are you postpartum/how many weeks pregnant?

  • What specific issues are you struggling with?

  • How do you envision working?

  • Where are you located?

  • What is your availability?

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