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Ready to take your training to the next level?

Work with me one-on-one to get a personalized programme and fantastic results

Here's what you'll get on my online programme:



Whether you have 5kg to lose, or 50 pounds, I can help you do it in a sensible way that doesn't feel restrictive and where you don't feel hungry. No cutting anything out, no expensive supplements or shit-your-pants tea. No need to spend your life prepping food and cooking. No yo-yoing.



Whether you are an experienced lifter not getting the results you want from the work you're putting in, or a total beginner, I can help you get strong and build a fantastic physique - WITHOUT spending your entire life in the gym.



Emotional eating, comfort eating, mindless eating - most people have disordered eating habits of some sort that make them feel guilty, spiral and/or gain weight.

These patterns are often the reason people cannot lose weight and keep it off. Many people successfully lose weight, but unless they address these behaviours, they end up putting the weight back on.

When working with me, we dive deep into these patterns using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and other techniques to help you fully understand your issues with food and overcome them.

I believe that psychology and mindset are incredibly important aspects of this journey.



High triglycerides? High cholesterol? Bad glucose tolerance? With a combination of sensible, effective training that focuses on building muscle, sensible nutrition strategies that help you lose body fat, and lifestyle interventions, many of my clients have transformed their health - blood tests show radical changes in just a few short months.

Even if you're already healthy, losing some body fat and gaining some muscle (and learning to do so in a realistic way) can massively impact your long term health.



I'm your driving instructor, not your hairdresser. If I'm any good at my job, in 6 months, you won't need me. I want to ensure that this isn't just another diet, where you follow strict and arbitrary rules, get some results, then lose all your progress as soon as you stop. I want to equip you with the knowledge you need to maintain and manage your weight FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

As well as personalised guidance from me, the programme includes access to a Members' Site which is full of resources to help you learn everything you need to know about losing weight and building muscle, as well as lots of resources on psychology and mindset.


When I started working with Jen, I was 5 weeks postpartum with my third baby within four years and was 55 lbs heavier than I was before I had kids.

I lost 20lbs within 3 months working with Jen, then another 17.5 lbs in the 5 months following - all while breastfeeding, looking after 3 kids and returning to work.






To make meaningful and lasting changes, we must cover 4 key areas: 

  1. Nutrition

  2. Training

  3. Lifestyle

  4. Psychology



I am totally transparent about the fact that I have a calorie-focused approach. Understanding your daily/weekly calorie expenditure and intake is absolutely essential for both aesthetic and health goals.


However, it only STARTS here. Calories matter, but so do lots of other things. We focus on many other aspects of nutrition, like:


  • WHEN you eat, and how often

  • WHAT you eat, improving food quality and ensuring you are not hungry.

  • Setting up regular meal times.

  • Automating parts of the process to make things EASY.

  • Macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat)

  • Low-carb and carb-cycling.

If you feel utterly confused about what the "right" way to eat is and feel like it's impossible to keep up with the trends, I simplify all this for you and help you find what works for YOU.



To look and feel how you really want, effective training is essential - but it's not just about doing anything, willy-nilly, or doing as much as possible. We focus on the MINIMUM Effective Dose that YOU need to get the results you want without exercise taking over your life.

I also have no qualms about the fact that my focus is heavily on strength training as this is truly the only way to get incredible results in the minimum time. However, we include cardio goals if you want/need it.

My online programme involves a totally personalized programme for each individual based on:

  • the equipment you have available

  • whether you're training at home or at the gym

  • your current level

  • how much time you have a week to train (often just 1-2 sessions a week)

  • and taking into account any injuries (including postpartum core and pelvic floor issues)


I write you a new training block every 6-8 weeks with micro changes in between and clear, personalized instructions on how to progress so that you work through any plateaus.

All programmes include detailed exercise tutorials and you will submit training videos to me for feedback to ensure that your form is correct.



Are other factors like sleep, stress, sitting or overworking getting in the way? I zoom out and look at everything. We can't ignore these factors when trying to lose weight or improve our health.



This is the part of the puzzle that most programmes either don't address, or address poorly. Most people have distorted thoughts or beliefs around food, exercise and their bodies that either hold them back or drive them absolutely crazy. We work on that and help you stay sane while staying lean.


There are no cookie-cutter programmes, I don't just send you a pdf with a workout that I've sent to a thousand people. I write each programme from scratch.

I also don't send you "workout videos" like insanity - all programmes a written out FOR YOU. If you have some experience with strength training, you may be used to this, but if you're new to this approach, I'll walk you through it step-by-step.

With nutrition, I don't prescribe arbitrary rules like "no carbs" or "no eating after 5pm" - everyone's needs and preferences are different, so we find what works for YOU.


No two people on my programme are following the same programme. Everything is totally bespoke to you. I'm here to look at your physiology, habits, preferences and needs and find what truly works for YOU.

This is an intense, serious 1:1 programme where we work closely together. It includes unlimited support and us working closely together over a number of months to get you to where you never thought you could go.


WANT MORE INFO ON MY 1:1 programme?

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