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I know you’re stuck at home with the kids. I am too. It sucks. 

I can’t help you with most of it - but what I can help you with is getting some movement and exercise in.


I’ll be creating a FREE course of home workouts over the coming weeks for you to build a solid base of good movement and technique at home.


I know there are a million free exercise videos online and you can do any one of them. 


Most of them are just randomly thrown together exercises and give no guidance on technique. There’s no strategy.


If you sign up for these workouts I’m going to be taking you progressively through strength and mobility exercises and teaching you correct form.  


The videos will be 10-20 minutes long - they will be imperfect, just me recording while I have an hour to myself. But I’ll take you through all the stuff I go through with my trainees in person.

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