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Don't take my word for it -read what other mums have to say


"Jen is a winning combination of knowledge, motivation and emphathy. I put off working out until 3.5 months postpartum; after attending Jen's postpartum workshop I felt I had found someone with a unique understanding of the jaw dropping transformation my body had just been through but more importantly someone I could trust. She inspires me! Jen's workouts make me feel happy and give me the energy I need to be the best I can be for my baby."



"Jen is AMAZING! I had 2 4.5 kg babies with excess fluids. When i came to her my body was a total mess. The results I have seen over just 3-4 months are incredible. She really knows her stuff. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have full confidence in all of her abilities and will also add, she is fully invested in all the people she trains! When you go to Jen it feels like a partnership, you are working together to get results!!!"



"Superb! I really struggled to find a trainer who understood my body after birth and how much harder it is after babies! Jen does this, she gets it and really helps you fit training into your new day. She is also super qualified and knows her stuff. Highly highly recommend."


I met Jen post partum with number two, as my stomach was separated by two fingers after 7 months. Within 6 weeks it had gone down to one finger and not only that, but the overhang was virtually gone. It required a lot of self motivation to carry out the exercises in between training sessions at home alone, but WOW WOW WOW the results you get are just incredible. To our surprise, two Months after meeting Jen, I was pregnant with number three. I have seen Jen throughout this pregnancy to maintain muscle and prevent too much post partum flab. I feel so great and in control of my body. She is simply the BEST and my saviour!



"I'd never done any strength training before but being pregnant made my usual running etc more difficult so I decided to give it a try. I've quickly learnt the benefits and enjoy the classes much more than I ever thought I would. Jen is a wealth of knowledge around the female body & has given me a lot of confidence and important information to keep my body strong & in good shape for the remainder of my pregnancy and beyond. I highly recommend Jen's classes"



"I've been part of Jen's postpartum group since the beginning of March, and I couldn't be happier. In just two sessions a week over the past two months, I've really felt significant changes in my body and gains in strength. Jen keeps the groups relatively small, which is great because everyone gets the individual attention that they need, whether that includes support for proper form or modifications. With Jen, I know that I'm getting more fit without compromising on proper alignment and risking injury."


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"I am after my second pregnancy and this time around had a C-section so felt a lot more hesitant getting back to fitness but wanted to start early. Jen is extremely knowledgeable and works with you to find the right routine that matches your recovery stage. She really listened to my goals and spent time assessing my abilities. She is also very honest about the process to gaining strength back post-partum. It's great to have a plan that I know won't hurt or stall my recovery but rather build strength in the places I need it. Thanks Jen!!!"

Yael W.

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"I absolutely love training with Jen. After pregnancy number three I was looking for a way to reconnect with my body. It was very important for me to find someone who specialized in post partum training as I wanted to strengthen my body from inside and not inadvertently cause more harm. Jen's approach is both conservative and ambitious simultaneously. She pays careful attention to care for our already overstrained core muscles, bad posture etc but at the same time pushes us to train hard and get strong. I find the classes very inspiring and I'm feeling great."

Yael F.


"I've always been into fitness and after my first child I very easily went back to my pre-baby fitness. And after baby number two I found it more challenging. Once I discovered I had Diastasis Rectis things kinda made sense. I was looking for a program which would focus on helping me build a strong powerful body whilst taking care of my DR. With two kids under 5, there's a lot of carrying, lifting that goes with the territory and, when your core is gone, puts more pressure on the back and exasperates the situation. Jen's program was the PERFECT thing I was looking for! I'm feeling so much stronger and more powerful, I feel my body improving and I feel secure on the knowledge that Jen absolutely knows what she's doing when it comes to the needs of a post-partum body, especially with DR. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thanks Jen Curtis!!"



"I did one private class and a few group classes and loved it. Sadly my hectic schedule doesn't allow me to continue, but I'm so glad I took away the "what not to do's" and learnt some new breathing techniques. Thank you Jen!"


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"Jen is an amazing trainer and the mummy tummy sessions have helped me hugely as I get back into shape!! She starts gently and builds up slowly, so the classes are great for anyone. Plus you can bring your baby along which makes it so much easier to make a commitment!!!"


"I highly recommend Jen's classes to get into shape after giving birth (and in general). She personalises everyones workout to tailor it to their particular needs. Jen is qualified in postpartum training and therefore has an understanding of what exercises are harmful after giving birth which a lot of trainers do not. Most importantly the classes are fun and as a result they go quickly and I feel I am going back to my old self pre-childbirth."



"Jen is a great trainer. She is knowledgeable about post partum issues, trains to make sure you get stronger, spends time to make sure you have proper technique, great with kids when they need attention and you are trying to finish your workout. You name it, she's got it. I am very happy with her and would recommend her to anyone. I just wish I found her earlier."


"I highly recommend post partum training with Jen! She's very professional and has great energies. The training is fun and you see improvement quickly. You can bring your baby, they can hang out there, and they are great as extra weights of course. :)"


"Jen is such a motivating trainer with so much knowledge about the body and especially post pregnancy work out. She's easy going and so professional, I definitely recommend her!"


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