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on the  complete postpartum programme!

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got that 'hit-by-a-bus' feeling?

 regain control of YOUR postpartum BODY.

Terms & Conditions

What you get: EVERYTHING a full member gets, for 30 days

  • Access to ALL the course content and exercise videos

  • Access to the self-assessment tools

  • Access to our private Facebook Group where you can ask Jen any questions


Small print

  • When you sign up to redeem your free month, you will have to put in your credit card details

  • You will NOT be charged for 30 days.

  • Should you decide to cancel at any point in the first 30-days, you will NOT be charged anything at all

  • If you do not cancel, you will be charged $35 per month, after the first 30 days

  • There is NO commitment or obligation to stay on the programme - it is completely a “try before you buy” offer!


Any questions? Email me at

move better, feel better 

IN just 12 mins a day

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perfect for you if:

- You gave birth recently (weeks, months, years).

- You want to live your day-to-day life without aches and pains

- You want to get up off the floor with ease 

- You want to feed your baby without back and shoulder pain

- You want to start recovering and healing your body

- You have less than 15 minutes a day to dedicate to self-care

- You don't know how to exercise

- You're afraid of doing some damage to your body by starting exercise


I'm not just a trainer who became a mum, I specialise in pre- and postnatal exercise and have years of experience helping women recover from diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction and pain.

And then get incredibly strong.


Unlike most programmes, the Complete Postpartum Programme IS NOT simply a series of follow-along workouts with random exercises that work up a sweat - it's carefully designed to suit your needs at different stages in your postpartum journey, build a solid foundation so that you actually improve, get stronger and feel better over time. 

Pregnancy and birth are tough on our bodies, and this course takes you along a systematic journey where you'll start with basic, gentle exercises to connect to the core and pelvic floor, before progressing through the levels at your own pace.


It’s NOT JUST about fitness; it’s about healing, health, recovery and above all, feeling good.

The course also has intermediate and advanced levels to take you beyond the basics for when you feel your body has recovered from birth.


I'll be with you each step of the way, ensuring that you know what to focus on and what to avoid as you continue to heal.

how does it work?

self assess.png

Watch the videos

Learn about your postpartum body

Start with posture & breathing

Complete the self-assessment

Make note of your goals

Start moving your body at the right level for you

Ask Jen your questions in the Facebook Group

Facebook Group

community & support

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 12.57.27.png
To make sure that you get the advice you need, the group will be 'wo-manned' by both Liron Murphy; Women’s Health and Orthopaedic Physiotherapist, trained in Australia with a decade of experience in the field and myself, Pre- and Postnatal Fitness Specialist.

The key to succeeding with any new habit is having a community to share your journey with and be accountable to.

When you join the Complete Postpartum Programme, 

you’ll have access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share stories, connect with other mothers on the course and catch my weekly Facebook Live where I'll answer all of your questions. 





not quite ready to join?

You can get started on the course for free!
Download the workbook that comes with the Complete Postpartum Programme and use it to take stock of where you’re at and get clarity on your goals.
Includes Diastastic Recti and Functional Core Assessment and 5 BONUS videos! 

course breakdown


Don’t just follow blindly through the workouts. Understand the fundamentals of postpartum recovery and exercise through a series of videos you can watch while feeding the baby or doing other things.

  • What is the core?

  • How do I know if an exercise is safe?

  • Do I have Diastasis Recti?

  • Breathing and Alignment

  • Complete your own Self-Assessment



Before we start to exercise we first of all need to heal and recover from pregnancy and birth

  • Pelvic floor post-vaginal birth

  • C-section recovery

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Back Pain

  • Wrist Pain

  • Level “hit by a bus” to get you moving again


We then move onto the FOUNDATIONAL PROGRAMME which is made up of 3 modules


CORE - build a strong core

… address Diastasis Recti and weak abdominal muscles


MOBILITY - release tight muscles, move better, feel better

… get rid of pain and tightness


STRENGTH - Bulletproof your body 

… cope with the physical demands of being a mum, return to whatever activity you choose.


Each video-based module has 4-5 levels and 4 workouts in each level.


New, exclusive workouts, tutorials and helpful information added every month! Including intermediate and advanced gym and home workouts, and guidelines for your next pregnancy!

commonly asked questions

When Can I Start Postpartum?

You should wait until your 6-week check-up before starting formal exercise. There is a lot in this programme that you can do in that first month and a half, including breathing exercises, gentle movement and watching educational videos as you feed your baby.

What if I can't do the exercises every day?

You don't have to do the exercises everyday. You do what you can, when you can. Things are going to come up and get in the way. If you are waiting for the perfect moment to start, you might be waiting until all your kids grow up and leave home!

Is there any long-term commitment?

No. No long-term commitment. You can cancel your membership at any time. And if you are unhappy with the programme for any reason in the first 30 days, you can get your money back, so there's no risk!

what other mums say

THANK YOU Jen for making this programme! After being cleared to exercise at 6 weeks post c-section, I was completely lost with what to do in my new strange body. Then I began this programme and was relieved to learn about all my body changes and how to start recovering.

As I became more educated, I started incorporating daily c-section scar massage, breathing techniques and modified exercises into my routine. I learned not only how to strengthen my body, but to accept it. This programme is a MUST for every mom postpartum and should be included in every post-birth care package!! Highly recommend!


I needed an exercise program that was realistic, took into consideration what my body just went through and is going through and offers me tons of support.


When Jen told me her online program fit the bill, it was hard to believe. I'm in such bad shape, it can't be someone actually created a program geared towards someone like me. 


But it's better than I could have hoped. This is such a methodical postpartum exercise program. I'm so excited to be getting back my strength after such a physically difficult year.


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