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Crazy Conversations // Pregnancy Edition

Oh god its started. I am officially in that stage of pregnancy that I've been warned about, where the idiocy of people's comments (that until now I did not believe could get ANY worse) has just been stepped up to a whole other level. - I was just informed by some woman (that I don't know) that "you're going to give birth any day now". I'm not as polite or subtle as most people, I have a temper and Israeli culture has rubbed off on me. I replied "what's wrong with you? I'm six months pregnant. What the fuck are you talking about 'any day now'?"

As you can see from my photo below, I look EXACTLY six months pregnant and she is clearly as mad as a box of frogs

To which she replies, incredulously, " WHAT?! You're HUGE!! How much weight have you put on?! 9 kilos?!" - I was taken back by her audacity and willingness to push forward with this line of argument, but I was up for a fight, so it escalated pretty rapidly. She honestly looked more shocked than me, despite people around her trying to get her to shut up and change the subject.

- "What do you mean? Look at the size of your belly! How can you say you're not that big?!" - This woman has children. I can deal with a lot of the dumb shit people say, they often just don't know. But this woman has been through pregnancies herself. She knows what it's like. She's been through the emotional and physical changes and had to deal with her shifting identity. She must have felt how scary it is to watch her body transform and to lose control over it. How can she say something like this to another woman? How can she voice that woman's deepest insecurities so loudly to her and a group of people. How can she not want to wrap her arms around her and show her that she is loved and supported? - I can only assume there is malevolence behind such an interaction or that the woman is suffering and wants to drag others down on her sinking ship.

- I pointed all this out to her, rather less articulately than I would have liked (but like I said, I'm quite volatile), and she looked at her friend, shrugged her shoulders and said "why's she getting all upset?". - Ladies, if this is you, don't be that person. Don't make other women feel this way. And don't accept someone else making you feel this way. At least give them a fight so they think twice next time

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