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Movement vs Exercise

I get it. The barrier to good, effective exercise can be high. A trainer costs a lot of money. It's far from the house. It's hot outside.

Postpartum that barrier gets REALLY FUCKING HIGH - you're tired. Your body hurts. You're scared of doing damage. You have no idea where to start.

Exercise can be hard. It can be expensive. It can be complicated and time consuming. . But movement is easy, simple and cheap... FREE even. It can be done in a few minutes. I'm a really big fan of a well-structured, tailored training programme that fits your individual needs and gets great results.

But that's not always an option. Movement is. Just move. Don't think. Start with whatever feels good, then do the next thing that feels good. Then the next.

This is the sort of movement that feels good for me some days:

I don't count reps. I don't think or plan. I just do. I just flow. Kind of like intuitive eating, but "intuitive exercise". It might look like this for you, it might look different. You might want to dance. There's no formula. That's the point. . But my back hurts. Move. I found out I have diastasis recti. Move. I have POP. Move. I haven't done anything since the birth... I promise you you will feel better if you move. . Why? Because today you can. If you don't, you may not be able to one day.

Exercise is great. It's important. But movement is MORE important. It's what will keep you getting off the toilet without help when you're 80. Exercise is negotiable. Movement is not.

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