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Motherhood: The Good, The Bad and The Totally Unfungible.

A (not cheesy, I promise) letter to my pre-children, Maiden self for the "We Are Mothers" Podcast.

(I will share the recording once it's released)

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Dear Jen,

I know you're fucking terrified. That you're totally unprepared.

I wish I could tell you it's going to be easy, that it'll come naturally.

But you've literally got no idea what's about to hit you.

I know you're scared that you won't have what it takes. That you'll turn out like your, our, mother.

And you definitely have no idea how much Motherhood will demand of you.

Or how fundamentally it will change you...

Or just how strong and resourceful you’ll turn out to be.

I can't yet tell you if you'll break the chains of generational trauma that have shaped your life.

But you'll have a good crack at it.

There's so much about becoming a mother that you'll never be able to quantify or explain.

There's so much that's completely un-commodifiable.

And It's all so fucking inconvenient.

Everything from the exhaustion of pregnancy, rendering you utterly useless, hangry and grumpy for 9 long months.