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How To Strengthen Your Core After Pregnancy: Your Complete Guide

Core Exercises Post-Pregnancy

This blog post is your complete guide to training your core after having a baby - I’ll take you through my best 8 tips for getting a firmer, and stronger stomach.

Training your core is right up there on the list of priorities for women postpartum. Most women want to flatten their abs and get rid of the ‘mummy tummy’.

how to strengthen your core after pregnancy

For a lot of women, it’s not just the aesthetic aspect - they feel that their core is “weak”, or they are very concerned with healing and rehabilitating the muscles after a c-section, or because they have diastasis recti or an umbilical hernia.

These 8 tips in this article apply to all of these scenarios (although in the future I will write separate blog posts on each one)

It frustrates me endlessly that a topic that is so important to so many women is so horribly butchered on the internet.

There is a LOT of rubbish out there - ranging from:

  • “only do these very gentle exercises after having a baby or your core will explode” to:

  • hack away at your abdominal muscles an hour a day with the hardest exercises imaginable, even though your muscles are the weakest they’ve ever been

If a lot of information on the internet seems to be a bit superficial, or seems to be missing something, this blog post should give you a lot of information and tools. I’m going to take you through 8 tips to not only strengthen your core postpartum, but to understand what the hell you’re doing too.

(By the end of it you’ll know more than most trainers)

If you want to be taken through it step-by-step, sign up for my 5-Day Postpartum Core Mini-Challenge below - I’ll take you step by step through everything that's in this blog post - including 3 separate core workouts, each one building on the last.

I put this mini-challenge together from my recent 10-Day Postpartum Challenge because I know that training the core safely AND effectively is so so important to so many women.

Regaining Core Strength, Tip #1: Understand how the core works