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How to do Pull Ups During Pregnancy

When we talk about pregnancy exercise, we usually create false dichotomies around "safe" exercises and "unsafe" exercises.

The truth is, it's more of a continuum.

Pregnancy is dynamic, and requires modifications throughout to account for the physiological and anatomical changes.

These changes don't happen overnight, they are imperceptible from one day to the next.

So many women are fearful when they enter their first trimester - the assumption is that there are certain exercises that are dangerous and must be stopped immediately.

Besides scuba diving and contact sports, this isn't the case.

To illustrate my point: Pulls Ups During Pregnancy

The major problem that pull ups pose during pregnancy: they are very high demand on the anterior abdominal wall.

As the abdominal wall gets stretched out, its ability to cope with that demand is compromised.

Another question that I commonly get is: are planks safe during pregnancy? You can read more about that here.

Here's a video demonstrating how you might modify the pull up movement from trimester to trimester: